Why should I Adopt?

There are many reasons to adopt instead of shop

You save TWO lives, not just one

By adopting a rabbit from Romeo’s, you’re making room for another rabbit to come into our foster care system. Not only that, the cost of your adoption goes directly towards the vet work for our other rabbits.

It costs less

Rabbits require Rabbit Savvy Vets or “Exotic Vets”, and the upfront costs to provide a quality life for your rabbit can be quite expensive. Some costs from local rabbit savvy vets can be roughly $250 – $360 for a Spay / Neuter (Sterilising a female rabbit for example, is vital to ensure eliminating the high risks of Uterine Cancer). It costs roughly $55.00 for a microchip, so if they manage to escape, they can be checked and returned safetly, and $75.00-$120 for the initial vaccination for Calici Virus also known as RHDV1. This Vaccine is important for all rabbits inside, or outdoors due to how easily it is transmitted by flies and mosquitoes. In total, this could be well past $350 for just one rabbit whereas $185.00 covers it all already also for one rabbit. Exceeding possibly $700 for two, our bonded pairs are $300 including all the same vet work.

You know what you’re getting

Many Rabbits purchased from other sources often come with hidden surprises. Two boys might suddenly turn into one boy, one girl and seven babies! A healthy, Purebred  “Mini Lop” may end up with ongoing dental costs due to undisclosed and misaligned teeth. All of our rabbits are vet checked, healthy, and exactly what we say they are as soon as they are ready for adoption including if they are special needs, disabled, have ongoing health issues or completely healthy. Being one on one with the rabbits in care also helps us keep a closer eye on their health to have them cared for the best we can. It also helps to provide a more accurate description of the behavioral traits, personality and habits to ensure they go to a home that is suited to their needs for best results in adoptions.

Because You’ll fix a broken heart!

One of the best parts of rescue work is being able to see broken pieces get put back together through kindness and love, and by adopting, it is exactly what you are doing. You are giving a home to what once had none and helping the rescues in continuing their dedicated hard work. Without you, there is no us.