Our Rabbits

Thank you for taking the time to view our available bunnies. Please scroll down to view the full list of bunnies that are ready to go to their forever home. You can get in touch with us by hopping over to Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue Facebook Page where you can speak to our friendly team.

Hope and Toby
Age: 2 years

Smitten Sweethearts, meet Hope and Toby.
Toby is a BIG boy who loves his cuddles and pats. He loves exploring and is very curious about everything. He loves his food and will love you if you give him lots of treats. But the thing he loves the most is his bunwife Hope.
Hope is a bit shy but very curious. She loves to watch what you are getting up to and will follow you around. She isn’t the most cuddly bunny but if she sees Toby getting love she will come over for some pats. She loves to do absolutely everything with her husbun Toby right by her side.

Lex and Lola
Age: 4 years

Lex and Lola have both come along way since they first came into foster care. Although still a little shy at first, once you gain their trust they are sweet and friendly. Lola is more confident than Lex and will come up for pats and nudge your legs until she gets them. Lex is more shy but melts in your hand once you start patting and will nudge for more if you stop.
They aren’t keen on being picked up, but will tolerate it. They both love food, especially treats, and will eat a tonne of hay between them.
They would be suited to a home with a large penned area or free roam inside as once they are outside they don’t handle coming back inside very well.
They love hiding in their box together and flopping out on a blanket, chilling on their foster parent’s bed or exploring. They are very clean and tidy bunnies too!

Hailey and Holly
Age: 1 & 1.5 year

Hailey and Holly are a beautiful sister pair, very calm and sweet natured. They love to spend a lot of time just hanging out and chilling on the floor with their foster family.
They are very intelligent and incredibly quick at learning new things. They are both toilet trained.
They love their food and will come when you call. They are very affectionate girls and will come and boop you for attention. Holly loves head rubs and will ask you for more! Hailey prefers pets on the body and will come and lick your finger.

Age: 8 months

Hi I’m  Huckleberry but my foster mum calls me Mr Huck. I love my food and especially eat lots of hay as mum says it’s good to grind my teeth down. I would love to go to my forever home. I’d love to try a bun wife or id also suit a free range indoor home. I absolutely love my pats, especially head scratches or ear rubs. I’m a gorgeous boy with beautiful markings. If you want a cute, loving bunny please trial me and I guarantee I’ll win you over with my charm and looks.

Lily and Daisy
Age: 11 months

Lily and Daisy are petite ladies but do not be fooled by their size. They are super sassy and they know exactly what they want: food – all day, every day. They will climb all over you if they think you have food and they are always circling your feet hoping you’d give them a treat. They will allow short pats but they are not really fond of cuddles or being picked up. They like to show their affection by running towards you and booping you with their noses. They will need someone that is patient and is willing to build that bond with them.
They are very independent little bunnies and happy with each others company so they would suit a household where people are at work for part of the day.
They are very energetic bunnies and will require a lot of free roaming time as they like to chase each other when playing (or when Daisy steals food from Lily’s mouth). Currently they have a room where they can free roam 24/7 and that works really well for them.
They are fully litter trained and tidy little ladies.

Molly, Minnie and Ginny
Age: 9 & 11 months

Mum Molly and her two daughters, Ginny and Minnie, these three beautiful girls, are Nethie x, and will be petite bunnies. Molly is a friendly and trusting bun who has adjusted well to human contact. She loves pats, food and is a wonderful mum. Molly will benefit from a quiet home and will do well being adopted with one of her daughters. Minnie is the bravest of the daughters and the first to come over to Boop you for treats. She loves head pats, is very inquisitive and loves enrichment toys.
Ginny loves snuggling into small spaces. She’s a very relaxed bun who loves to flop and receive pats. Ginny isn’t a fan of being picked up as she prefers all four paws on the ground.

Age: 11 months

Oliver (Ollie for short) is a lovely well mannered boy, he is toilet trained, loves a good snuggle and to run around the house.

He loves people and is very relaxed with people around.
Oliver would make a lovely hus-bun to a lady-bun looking for some company, he will be a great companion to a hooman mum or dad too.

Age: 11 months

Toa is a shy happy boy who loves his free roam time but is happy going back into his pen at night. He loves to do binkies and can be won over with treats.
Once he warms up to you, you start to see his personality shine. He loves to move his stuff around in the pen, loves his food not to mention his hay, celery leaves, Asian greens and dehydrated banana, kiwi fruit and strawberries.
He loves Mrs T, his stuffed rabbit who he will lie against and groom. He is a clean boy and litter trained.

Dahlia and Ru
Age: 9 & 13 months

Dahlia and Ru are a gorgeous bonded pair.
Dahlia and Ru are a mother and son duo. They love each other so much, and you’ll often find them stretched out cuddling together.
Ru loves to dig and play with his ball, as well as make little warrens out of their hay.
Dahlia loves to relax inside their tunnel on her favourite blanket. The pair are inquisitive and have lovely personalities. They will run up to you for pats and greens in the morning.
They are both loving pats now, and are starting to warm up to lap sits and being handled more. They have been living with two cats and aren’t bothered in the slightest. They love outdoor time, and also love to roam and explore, but make sure your electrical cords are bunny-proofed!

Annabelle and Tiffany
Age: 11 months

Annabelle and Tiffany – The best hay eaters their foster mom has come across, but don’t let their initial shyness fool you, they’re confident and outgoing when they want to be.
Annabelle is the cuddlier one, although neither particularly demand to be picked up. Tiffany is not shy either, and is definitely the more dominant one.
They love their enrichment toys and so far they haven’t touched any cords.
They’re very smart, cheeky and persistent girls and need somebody who has the time to give them the attention they desire.

Age: 11 months

Hello!! My name is Ollie … and I’m a very playful, delightful bunny boy who loves food more than anything else.
I send myself into a food coma after meals because napping is the next best thing!
I’m a very active boy who loves running around, playing with enrichment toys and don’t forget to cuddle me. I love cuddles when I’m not asleep.

Age: 7 months

Pancho is a curious little man who loves head rubs and cuddles. He will do anything for a banana treat and loves exploring all day long.
Despite being so small, he has a huge personality filled with sass, affection and curiosity. This happy little boy loves doing his binkies and zoomies in the living room, and flopping next to his foster mum.

Age: 7 months

Pippin, affectionately called, Little white nose by his foster carer, is the smallest of his litter, but he’s the biggest adventurer. He’s a very brave boy and loves to explore around the house. His favourite spot is sitting up on the back of the couch. Given the chance, he’d spend all day there. He loves to couch company and will often come up and sit right on your shoulder. He likes to show everyone his tricks, especially his zoomies he does along the back of the couch. He also likes to have some snacks before he goes back to his room for the night. He takes some time to warm up to new people, but once you have his trust, the bond with him is beautiful.
His foster carer has been working on toilet training him, which has been going very well, but every now and then he still has a little accident. Overtime he will become more confident, as he still is a little boy.
He’s a very active little boy and loves to have enrichment toys and cardboard boxes to play with and climb on.

Age: 11 months

Neo is the most sweetest little man his foster mum says. He’s so gentle and loves a cuddle and doesn’t mind at all if he’s picked up for a cuddle either. He loves to sit on the couch with you or sit directly on you. Neo loves carrots and bananas and the greenest of Green Hay. He can be very timid at first so will need to warm up to you. Neo may not suit a home with young children, but could be OK with older, more gentle children. Neo would love a house that will allow him to explore, give him cuddles, answer his demands for treats and be around often enough or even bond him with a little bun-lady looking for a companion.

Age: 8 months

Sweep is a special girl, who sadly broke her front paw, and needed it amputated. This certainly does not stop her from moving around.
Sweep is an independent young bunny with plenty of personality. She is best suited to a household where she will be the only bunny. She absolutely loves a cuddle and plenty of head massages. Sweep loves to sit on the couch and is very well mannered in shared living spaces. She keeps a tidy space and is well toilet trained but also loves to chew cardboard boxes and have a bit of fun. Sweep can be a little scared of unexpected pats and will growl when she feels vulnerable. She is not suitable for a house with children but does get along fine with other pets. Sweep needs a special home with an experienced bunny savvy person who has the time and patience to grow this little girl’s confidence.

Age: 2 years

Hi, my name is Sweety. Pleased to meet you! My foster mum says I live up to my name and I’m a real little sweety pie. As she was writing this for me I demanded head rubs so she had to stop, I did get my head rubs too, YAY!
I still don’t like to be handled too much, but I looove head rubs and pats, oh and to try and nibble on my foster mums jeans. I’m also a bit cheeky, my pen will be all nice and clean and I will re-decorate and re-organise things the way I like them. I love redesigning my cardboard boxes and ripping up newspapers. Love my food, nice fresh green leaves, carrots, lots of hay and my pellets for breakfast at 7am please! I also love to throw things around (it makes the 4 year old girl in the house laugh) my food, toys, cardboard tubes.. everything goes in the air. I’m still getting used to being outside. Sunday mornings are the best as it’s quieter but those birds I can hear really freak me out, especially the crows. I do love to try and have a nibble on the grass and dig little holes.

Age: 1 year

Boo is such an unbelievably soft bun, who just loves being cradled like a baby and loves being loved and receiving kisses.
Boo loves his food and gets very excited at meal times. His favourite food is bok choy which he guzzles every morning for breakfast.
Boo is a real playful boy who loves to play with balls and other enrichment toys. He has been known to throw some stacking cups around when his breakfast is served a little late.

Age: 8 months

Hello! My name is Calypso & I’m an intelligent and inquisitive bunny. I’m very keen on human interaction, & good at letting you know what I like & don’t like and what I want!! I make a great house pet. I will happily sit with you on the couch & be petted. I’m also very active and intelligent & like new things to discover like puzzle toys, chew toys, boxes, empty cardboard rolls etc. I love lots of space and activity and I’m pretty quick to be trained as to what I’m allowed to chew and play with and what I need to leave alone. I quite like to have my hooman to myself (don’t want a bunny friend) and I think I’d like a home where I get plenty of attention!! I’m pretty confident so I’m not too bothered by noise and I’d probably be ok with other pets/kids as long as they are gentle. I am also very clean & tidy with my litter box.

Age: 7 months

Linkin just knows he’s a handsome boy with his beautiful colours and white fluffy tail. He loves cuddles and will work his magic to get time on your lap for cuddles and tickles. He loves doing binkies and if you’re lucky, he will double binky for you, especially if you have banana to offer. Linkin loves his food, especially his greens.

Willow and Penny
Age: 7 months

These 2 sweet bonded sisters are just over 6 months old. Willow is more outgoing than Penny and will let you pick her up for cuddles but Penny is shy and prefers to only be patted alongside Willow who she feels safe with. They enjoy snuggling on the couch while you give them both pats. Both girls absolutely love their food and will be your best friend at feeding times as well as loving their fresh hay top ups twice a day. Their perfect home will be quiet with plenty of free roaming time, boxes to chew up and climb in/on to. I don’t believe they would make great pets for kids because of Penny’s shy nature which kids may not enjoy or respect. Whoever adopts them will fall in love very quickly as we did,

Age: 7 months

Stage setting: Spotlight appears to the left of the audience, lighting up a small stage. In the spotlight is a pen with a bunny, splooting.

Overhead announcement Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. Liquorice the Houdini is my name, climbing pens and disappearing is my game!


Audience gasps, wild applause as Liquorice is nowhere to be found. Stage lighting turns off, lighting up another stage directly in front. Curtains draw back….it’s Liquorice!

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don’t look around my eyes, look into my eyes, aaaand….you’re under.
Bunny lover, you want to adopt me and give me all the things I love best, like tunnels, cardboard boxes, petals, pear and ear tickles…Three, two, one… You’re back in the room.

Audience seemingly unaware of hypnotism. Liqourice performs some more magic tricks such as eating a piece of hay in 1.5 seconds flat and performing consecutive binkies before falling down in a flop, exhausted. More applause ensues.

Liquorice adorably pokes his tongue out, licking his lips. Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don’t look around my eyes, look into my eyes, aaaand….you’re under. Before we reach the end of the show you will realise you’ve fallen completely in love with me. You will immediately contact RRR to adopt me. Three, two, one… You’re back in the room.

For the final act, Liquorice pulls a bunny out of his hat! It’s Louie, his brother who is also looking for his forever home! Liquorice finishes the show to a standing ovation.

Credit: Look at me quote, Kenny from Little Britain

Age: 7 months

Louie: Breaker, breaker, this is Louie, over.

RRR: Hi Louie, this is Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue. How may we help you? over.

Louie: I’m looking for my forever home. I have such a cute face, I don’t understand why no one’s picking me, over.

RRR: Sometimes being a pretty face isn’t enough Louie, tell us some fun things about you, over.

Louie: I’m 100% toilet trained, I love a little tickle behind my ears, I come running when I hear “dinner”, and bok choy is super yum! Over.

RRR: Um, that’s all good information Louie but what makes you, you? Over.

Louie: Oh! Well I’ll do most anything for a treat, even stand on my hind legs, begging. For extra drama I sometimes fall over backwards so my foster carers almost always give in too – it’s a winning move! When I lived with my brothers I’d race them through the tunnel to see who was the fastest, it was so much fun. Now I’m in my own space I prefer to peep over my tunnel at my brother to spy on him. Oh, and my foster carers giggle lots when I try to climb their legs in pursuit of food, over.

RRR: You sound adorable Louie, knowing all this, we too can’t understand why you’re still in foster care. Leave it with us, we’ll put the word out to all our bunny lovers and find you your forever home. Over and out.

Ariana and Aurora
Age: 7 months

Please meet the most amazing little girls Ariana and Aurora.
Despite their rough start, these girls couldn’t be more friendly. Every time their carer walks into their room they are waiting at the gate for pats and snuggles. They love head pats, are not at all shy and are okay with being picked up to be moved and snuggled. These girls love a good treat and eat likes there’s no tomorrow. They are super curious and will sniff everything! They love climbing into their foster mum’s lap for cuddles and to mark her as their territory !
They are looking for a forever home with lots of space for them to run around. Their carer can’t describe how amazing, happy and loving these babies are. If you’re looking to extend your family, don’t look any further than Ari and Rory (Ariana and Aurora).

Age: 8 months

Meet Riley the Zoomie expert! Riley is an absolute pro for binkies and zoomies. He is always overly excited for his food, and will practically climb you to get to what you are offering. Riley is well behaved and exceptionally clean. He enjoys shredding boxes as well as climbing on them and digging at them. He loves his tunnels and throws baby toys around to keep himself amused. This sweet boy doesn’t love being picked up but he’s ok with pats and cuddles on the couch once he trusts you. As he is a very independent bun, he will suit a home where he will be given plenty of space and time to just be. He hasn’t needed to depend on anyone/anybun so he prefers adventure and exploration over patting and cuddling. He has lived next to his Mum and siblings since being separated at a few months and has never shown any signs of aggression or territorial behaviour so I believe he will be a good candidate for a bonding.

Age: 9 months

Dale is a very quiet and chilled little bunny. I think he will bond easily with another rabbit as he has been living next to his Mum & brothers since they were separated at 3 months old. While he doesn’t love being picked up, once you have him in your arms for cuddles he doesn’t mind but he more enjoys his pats and cuddles on the couch and will happily explore once he’s had enough. Dale would enjoy a home where he can be adventurous and explore his surroundings. He’s a clean and well behaved little guy, absolutely loves his food and doesn’t get in to much mischief at all. He loves tunnels and cardboard boxes which he will lay in, chew up and dig at.

Bailey and Benji
Age: 8 months

Benji and Bailey are two adorable young brother. Benji is the more outgoing one. The two of them crave love and enjoy cuddles and head pats. Given the chance they would just hop into your la[ for snuggles. They would be suited to a house where they could free roam and explore.

Age: 5 years

Darby is a wonderful older boy that loves cuddles and pats. He is not shy at all and will follow you around the whole house. He loves being the center of attention and he is happy sitting on the sofa and getting pats for hours at a time. Despite his age he is a very energetic bunny that loves to binky and play with his toys. Darby is a large boy so he would need a large pen with lots of free roaming time. Darby does not like to be picked up but he will jump to wherever his carer is, just to be next to her.

Age: 1.5 years

Jinx is a perfect little bunny! She is litter trained, LOVES her food and eats a mountain of hay. As long as she is getting enrichment and lots of attention she is a very clean bunny. She is afraid of tiles and will not walk on them but loves to binky and zoom across carpeted areas. She will flop against your feet the moment you stop walking and demand pats. She will binky and ask for pats the moment she sees you, always laying down or flopping on her side when she sees you walking over. She wants so much love and attention that I believe she needs a bonded partner, unless there’s someone able to love on her all day every day! Jinx does not like being picked up at all but loves a cuddle on the floor and to keep you company whilst you hang out at home.

Age: 2 years

Fawn is a sweet little girl. She’s a typical girl, feisty when she’s hungry. But loves a cuddle and scratch behind the ears.

Age: 1.5 years

Chief is such a sweetheart, lovely natured. He was fairly timid at first but is getting braver by the day. He enjoys his time with his buddies (our 2 cats and dogs), he is fascinated by them. He very much loves his food, especially his greens and chaff. And he enjoys treats, particularly banana. He has taken to using a tray so well and we are very proud of him. He’s enjoying having a bit of space to run around in although he is a little bit of a lazy bun particularly during the day. He is very fond of a morning and afternoon nap.

Age: 5 months

Tutu is a lovely curious little boy, he is just over 4 months old. He loves exploring and napping. He spends his day, eating, sleeping, and playing. He welcomes us home by honking and running around us in circles. Comes for pets and cuddles (or food) when he’s awake. He’s very neat and tidy, is great with litter box, he might leave a poop here or there sometime but never spotted peeing anywhere else in the house other than his litter box.He is very friendly and chilled with strangers when people are visiting. He loves to play with you and dangling toys.

Age: 1.5 years

Ellie is a very outgoing girl with a big personality! She came from the Marangaroo rescue earlier this year and is now ready to find a home to call her own.
Ellie is very curious and loves to explore. She enjoys running and binkying around the yard and is quite happy to climb all over you. Ellie is still learning that touching is a good thing! With a bit of time and love, we feel she will come around easily and turn into the best house bunny going round.
Ellie is very well litter trained and enjoys any food you have to offer! She likes to rearrange her space to exactly how she likes it and dig her blankets around.

Age: 1.5 years

Gandalf is the sweetest most gentle boy. It took him a few days to warm up to his foster mum and for awhile he was a “no touchy” bun but once he realised foster mum had treats and snacks eventually he would run up and say hello. He is the most gentle eater but when it comes to drinking water? He looooves his water so much sometimes you’ll see him with a wet cheek because of how much he loves his water bowl!
Gandalf would love a nice quiet and loving home to call his forever home. He plays with all the toys his foster mum has given him and she can tell he’s a very clever boy. Gandalf deserves a patient hoom/ family who will shower him with love and with time he will give you the most love back! Foster mum loves a good bun cuddle and with time Gandalf is even letting her pick him up for hugs and kisses and oh my gosh he has the softest velvety smooshy face ever!!

Charlie – ADOPTED
Age: 8 months

Charlie is the cutest little bunny. He is so so friendly and outgoing. He absolutely loves cuddles and does the cutest little chatter while your cuddling him. He has lived in a home with both cats and dogs and is extremely friendly with them. He loves his veggies and the other treats, running up to you to see what you have for him. He would be the perfect pet for a family looking for a inquisitive, friendly & outgoing bunny

Age: 1 year

Hi I’m Carrots! I’m such a sweet little man. I love head pats and exploring. I don’t like being picked up too much, but prefer to hop on your lap on my own terms. I am super neat and tidy, and very well litter trained. I love doing zoomies outside, but need to be supervised cause I’m very little and the birds can get a bit curious. I wouldn’t be suitable for small children but would be great with a family who have the patience to let me explore and become confident.

Sonya and Sindel
Age: 8 months

Sonya and Sindel are so sweet and cute together, often grooming and sleeping next to each other. Sonya is so inquisitive and Sindel is outgoing. Their carer picks them both up each day so they get used to it a bit and they seem happy enough with it.

Age: 5 months

Dune is 5 months old and is a very bright and inquisitive bunny. Dune is litter trained, enjoys exploring, pats, cuddles and happy to be picked up and carried around also. Dune is use to children and very gentle, he will seek out pats and attention when he is walking around the house, and is always waiting at his pen stretched up to greet anyone who walks by. Dune would make a wonderful addition to any family and has a lot of love to give.

Age: 6 months

Harrison is a lovely, adventurous boy who loves getting stroked, especially behind those gorgeous big ears. He is super clever and learns quickly. He gets along well with kids and cats. He loves the freedom of having space to run around and do his zoomies, but listens well when you tell him that it’s time for bed! He is fully potty trained.

Dora and Ruby
Age: 8 months

Ms Dora Diamond is a sweet, cuddly and relaxed girl. She lives up to her name as an explorer but also knows how to chill out easily. Her beautiful colouring gives the illusion she wearing pants and her white diamond patch on her forehead says pat me here please. Dora also has beautiful blue-grey eyes you could stare at all day.

Ms Ruby Roo is a playful ruby-eyed-white (REW). She loves her food and almost got the name Chewy or Nibbles. Over time her lovely nature will shine brighter and she also welcomes head rubs, but is not too keen on being picked up. Out of the two she is probably the slightly more dominant one, but these two sisters love one another.

Rosey – ON TRIAL
Age: 8 months

Rose likes to join in family dinner routine, happily eating in her pen, while we eat dinner and then relax and watch TV (being held on the couch). Rose also does routine evening zoomies! She has some favourite treats which are carrot, apple peel and she loves crunchy celery tops. She keeps her pen very tidy and is meticulous about using her litter tray.

She is timid so you have to approach her very gently and then scoop her up quickly and confidently. Once in your arms, she is quite calm and will happily sit on your lap. She is very sweet and will groom while being held. In her pen, she likes to move around between cubbies during the day and keeps a low profile, although she does accept treats and pats.

Age: 7 months

Peter can be a bit shy but will gladly take all the head pats on offer. He is a very curious little boy with so much personality, who loves mountaineering – climbing up and jumping down from his castle. He will happily binky his days away and run through the tunnel doing zoomies.

Age: 7 months

Angus has the sweetest little personality and the softest fur, but he can be a bit timid in the beginning. Wee Angus is the little boy with a big personality. He is exceptionally curious, spending his days exploring his environment and showing his enjoyment with little binkies. He is a natural climber, delighting on examining all he surveys from the second story of the castle which he has learned to access by demonstrating his acrobatic abilities. He also enjoys playing with his hay dolly or doing zoomies. Angus is fond of head pats, cheek rubs and will gladly cuddle for ages.

Age: 8 months

Hi, I’m Copper and I am 6 months old. My foster family says I am the most gentle, curious and sweet bunny you’ll ever meet! I love going for supervised walks in the backyard and sneaking into the hay bag. I am very easygoing and not fussy and promise to eat all my veggies at dinner! I love hanging out with my foster family and will lay patiently for ages for head rubs and once I get to know you, I love cuddles!

Age: 1.5 years

Annika is a bright beautiful bunny who runs to greet her foster mum at the edge of her pen every day. She previously came from living in a small outdoor hutch with lots of other rabbits and is still learning how good pats are but is very food motivated and super snuggly once settled. Annika often scares her foster mum with her ability to flop and fall asleep though just about anything, even in our busy house with cats and a small human, she has become very accustomed to living inside and is very good at using her litter tray. She currently has 2 bunny neighbours she is happy to live alongside and would be a great candidate to be bonded with a new bunny friend.

Willow and Winter
Age: 8 months

These gorgeous sisters are the cutest little cuddle bugs. Willow is a sweet girl with a sense for adventure. She loves exploring around the house and knows exactly where all the treatos are kept. Her favourites are banana and watermelon. This cheeky girl loves head rubs and cuddles after all her adventuring is done. Winter loves following her sister around the house and does big binkies to show her excitement. After all the running around she likes to flop on the carpet for a little nap. Winter loves ear rubs almost as much as she love banana and strawberries. She gives lots of kisses to bribe her foster mum for an extra treat (and who can say no to that face).

Age: 9 months

Margaery is the sweetest rabbit we’ve met, she loves nothing more than to squish into you for a cuddle and will reward you for the pats and attention with so many kisses, if you’re lucky she might even flop on you. She is a big eater and gets very excited over her hay. Margaery is very adventurous and loves a good free roam, especially space to run, explore and binky.

Age: 9 months

Bruce has been used to a quiet home and may be a bit shy at first but he is a gorgeous, gentle boy with a sweet nature who will gladly cuddle for hours, purring while he gets ear scratches. When approached, Bruce may put his head on the ground waiting for head pats. Bruce would probably love to be considered as a husbun for some lucky young girl as he is used to being around though no longer bonded to his three brothers. He’s also used to dogs and cats.

Alice Cooper
Age: 8 months

Alice Cooper, so named because of his touch of mascara! Sweet Ali is the most gentle and loving little boy. He will be the first to approach. and kiss your toes begging for a cuddle which can be easily in excess of hour. He is so affectionate and lives for head pats. He purrs when he gets cheek rubs and ear scratches. Ali’s days are spent munching on his hay or cuddling with his brothers.

Bippity and Boop
Age: 4 months

Hi, I’m Bippity and this is my younger brother Boop. We are adorable boys who always come running to see you when near by. We eat lots of hay and love our treats and greens. We love pats and enjoy each others company. We have gorgeous blue eyes and my foster mum loves little Boops ears as they are “helicopter ears”, I agree they are pretty adorable. If you would like 2 young sweet boys please do consider us

On Trial

Heidi and Harper – ON TRIAL
Age: 6 months

Heidi and Harper bring so much joy! They are so easily entertained, often playing chasey with each other or digging in blankets on the floor. They will play with absolutely any toy, whether its bought or homemade. Both girls are slightly skittish but easily handled, with patience.
They are so inquisitive and if you sit in their pen they will be all over you trying to suss you out. Once they feel comfortable they love a pat.
It is so heart-warming to see the girls relaxing together and grooming one another and will then just flop on top of each other.
As giant crosses, these girls need a fairly large pen, with lots of free roaming. They would suit a home with lots of patience to help them become more comfortable in their new surroundings.