Interested in Volunteering?

Join us as a Foster Carer today!

Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue are always on the look out for potential foster carers to come on board. If you have ever thought about joining the team, here’s how to reach us today.

You can get in contact by messaging our Facebook Page, to do so click here, where a team member will be able to assess your circumstances and provide you with a form to complete.

If you do not have access to Facebook, you can get in contact with Andrea Whyte at

When it comes to fostering, there is a strict protocol to follow, and not everyone’s circumstances are suitable. To get a rough idea on whether you would be suited to foster caring, below are listed the requirements for Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue.

The Foster Home

  • Will care for this rabbit in the most humane manner.
  • Will keep this rabbit in the Foster Home’s own home until it is returned to Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue or adopted.
  • Will provide sufficient housing for this rabbit with food, water, hay, enrichment toys and a litter tray. It will be large enough for this rabbit to be active/run, and all or most of the flooring will be solid.
  • If inside: will rabbit-proof the area accessible by the rabbit for both the animal’s safety and that of the Foster Home’s possessions. All houseplants and electrical wires will be kept out of reach or covered.
  • If outside: will provide protection from weather, predators, mosquitoes and other dangers with a secure protective structure that is not escapable by digging or climbing. Will monitor the outside temperature closely and bring the rabbit inside or provide adequate cool shelter on extremely hot days, and provide warm bedding for cold nights.
  • Will hold inside or outside play time with the rabbit often, so they are used to human contact.
  • Will promptly notify Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue if this rabbit has an ailment, injury, or illness.
  • Will not allow this rabbit to breed, or be used in any inhumane way.
  • Will not allow the rabbit to bond with any other rabbits, without express permission from the rescue.
  • Will not abandon, sell, give away, turn over to or relinquish custody or possession of the rabbit except to return to Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue.
  • Understands and agrees that fostering this rabbit does not give permanent ownership rights to Foster Home.
  • Will return the rabbit promptly to Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue upon request.
  • Will show the rabbit to potential adopters either at their own residence or one designated by Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue, when requested and within a reasonable time.

Romeo's Rabbit Rescue

  • Shall have the right to inspect the rabbit at any reasonable time with reasonable notice.
  • Will accept the rabbit back promptly, should the animal be returned for any reason.
  • Will provide necessary equipment for the rabbit while the animal is fostered by the Foster Home.
  • Will obtain and pay for reasonable veterinary care if notified by the Foster Home in advance that such is needed for the rabbit.