About our Adoptions

Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue only re-homes rabbits to indoor, loving and secure homes, and does not permit interstate or international adoptions. We have strict protocol to ensure the rabbits that leave us, are continued to be cared for the same and correct way for a long and happy life.

Adopting a single rabbit

Rabbits can make one of the best indoor companions. Adopting one rabbit is best situated for a family that can regularly interact with their rabbit. This is important as they are social creatures, and it’s vital for their health as well as beneficial to ensuring positive and good behaviour.

Adoption Fee for Single Rabbit: $185.00
Includes: Microchip, Sterilisation and Vaccinations.
Average upfront costs from buying a rabbit and getting the same vet work: ~$350

The more the merrier, right?

Bonded pairs are perfect for families with a little less time on their hands. No need to worry about your rabbit being lonely while you’re away. They’re also less likely to be bored, and less boredom = less mischief making or destructive behavior. Bonded pairs are just as easy as a single rabbit, especially if they’re housed together.

Adoption Fee for Bonded Rabbits: $300.00
Includes: Microchip, Sterilisation and Vaccinations for both rabbits.
Average upfront costs from buying a pair of rabbits and getting the same vet work: ~$700


Animal opinions matter most when finding their forever home, and with trials, they get their say too.

Trial periods are specifically designed for people who are looking at an additional rabbit for companionship / bonding, but it is also offered for first-time owners. With trials we ensure that the cycle of surrendered rabbits is decreased as much as possible. 

One of the big reasons rabbits are surrendered, is failure to get along and fighting. Although this is mostly due to being one or both rabbits not being sterilised, sometimes purchasing from another source can end you up with a rabbit that just doesn’t get along with the one who was there first, sterilised or not. To avoid this, we offer trials for our rabbits to ensure that after a successful speed-date, the rabbits get along in their possible forever home.