About us

Our Story

Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue was founded in March of 2019 by Andrea Whyte.

A local rescue had closed down leaving behind 30 rabbits so Andrea put together a team of dedicated and compassionate volunteers to help. Starting off with the 30 rabbits a “foster carer – home based” rescue was started. All 30 rabbits were set up in indoor penned areas, with healthy diet guidelines, and enrichment toys. The team worked very hard to fundraise for much needed vetwork for the rabbits. Andrea also applied for the rescue to be an incorporated association with ABN, and then finally a charity status was achieved.

There was a huge need for a rescue that could help rabbits, so in no time the numbers started rising. The rescue kept growing due to the increasing need for rabbits to be saved from families no longer able to care for them, and from lost bunnies coming in off the streets or from vet clinics where they had been handed in. Today, Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue is the largest rabbit rescue in WA, and the second largest in Australia.

The name “Romeo’s” was dedicated to the first rabbit that Andrea fell in love with and foster failed. You can see him at the top of this page.

We are driven by values

Our philosophy is “Adopt, don’t shop”. There is simply no excuse good enough to justify the breeding and selling of more rabbits when all of the rescues are full. We urge those looking for a bunny to please adopt one from a rescue instead of buying from a breeder.

Our Team

Andrea Whyte – Founder & Managing Director

Andrea. founder, managing director, and overall wonder woman of Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue, dedicates an unbelievable amount of time and effort into running the rescue. Andrea is not only passionate about what she does, but she expresses her passion by saving the lives of dumped, neglected and lost rabbits, to give them a second chance at a brand new life.
Not only does running a rescue involve seeing the success, but also seeing the upsetting side of it as well. Some of the animals that are surrendered are utterly ill or injured, some from extreme harsh conditions, some with their lives on the line if not taken. It takes strength, hard decisions, sometimes even tears in the rescue line of work, but the one goal will always remain, to save lives and that is exactly what Andrea does on a daily basis.
Andrea’s dream was to have a successful charity status, foster-based rescue, and she did it.

Kathryne Bartlett – CEO

Emma Cuomo – Treasurer

“I rescued a brother and sister duo from gumtree and the sister (Frenchie) was pregnant to the brother. I asked around for rescues to help and Romeo’s was the only one to offer their help. I then became their first foster carer.”


Jane Sheridan – Adoption Coordinator

“I’ve had a bunny as a pet since I was 12. I started volunteering at Besty’s Bunny Rescue and then fell in love with fostering. When Andrea started the new rescue she asked me if I could be a part of it and I said yes straight away. “

Kylie Lindquist – Secretary

Deb Higgins – Guinea Pig Coordinator

“I adopted Charlie at the time that Romeo’s started up- then I adopted Lily after my first bun Lucy passed away. After that Romeo’s said they were looking for a foster carer for a piggy and so I responded. More piggies then came up so I became the piggy coordinator.”

Rhonda Granner – Fundraising Coordinator

“I joined Rome’s Rabbit rescue when Andrea asked if I could help with fundraising events. The friendships I have made being part of something so worthwhile with this amazing group of women is a life long dream.”

Andrea Ludvik – Administrator 

“I started at Romeo’s as a spreadsheet coordinator and I have loved helping the rescue. I have made some incredible friends through Romeo’s.”

Lianne Viljoen – Sponsorship Coordinator

“I saw a post on Facebook by Romeo’s looking for a foster carer for a blind duo. In my heart I immediately knew they needed special care and I needed them. That was the start of my journey with Romeo’s. These two, Hunter and Scout, are on the permanent foster program and live an extraordinary life all because of our amazing sponsors.”

Donna Dagnall – Permanent Foster Care Coordinator

“I have foster failed too many bunnies and met everyone involved in the process. I adopted Gypsy for Flash and met Kathryne. I adopted Augie and met Jane. I got to know Andrea and fostered then adopted Rambo. I fostered/failed Rocko and met Emma. In between I snuck in little Kisses.”

Alana Wilkes – File Coordinator

“I first started out by fostering bunnies for Romeos rabbit rescue. I wanted to do more and was asked to be part of the admin team. From then on I have been fostering bunnies, helping with admin work and am the information files coordinator. PS a little inside scoop: I’ll be making bunny friendly chaff and all money goes to Romeos Rabbit Rescue.”

Aimee Matthews – Trial Coordinator

Our foster carers

We are a foster-based rescue and our wonderful foster carers welcome bunnies in need in their homes and families. Foster carers play a huge roll in the rehabilitation of our bunnies and it is thanks to their commitment that these animals are healed enough, both physically and emotionally, to then be able to become a candidate for adoption.